Dog Grooming Muzzle

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 The best type of dog muzzle for grooming and a visit to the vet.

This muzzle is not for training because it will not allow the dog to pant or lose heat.  

Ensure you measure your dog correct before fitting the right size muzzle.  The part that goes across the nose should not rub in the eyes.
Avoid tight fit when dog is stressed.

Product features
(Never leave a dog unattended when wearing a muzzle)

Mouth Circumference

 Small 12 - 15 cm
Medium 14 - 20 cm
Large 18 - 24 cm
X Large 22 - 28 cm
XX Large 28 - 34 cm

Above is measured on the widest part around the area


Link to video: 
How To Teach Your Dog To Love Wearing A Muzzle