Mesh Dog Training Muzzle

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The best type of dog muzzle for training and free walking is the basket style muzzle.  It has an open basket, allowing dogs to breathe freely.  This muzzle is for training and allow the dog to pant and lose heat.  SUITABLE FOR DOGS WITH LONGER NOSES.

Ensure you measure your dog correct before fitting the right size muzzle.  The part that goes across the nose should not rub in the eyes.
Panting and taking treats should be easy.

Product features
Soft Rubber / Plastic Mesh

Never leave a dog unattended when wearing a muzzle.


Top of Mouth Length
6.5 cm
Bottom of Mouth
10.5 cm
Behind Ears Circumference
26 cm
Top of Mouth Length
8.5 cm
Bottom of Mouth
14 cm
Behind Ears Circumference
36.5 cm


Link to video: 
How To Teach Your Dog To Love Wearing A Muzzle