Pet Training Electrostatic Isolation Blanket

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Train your pets to stay off the carpet, couch or other sensitive areas in the home by placing this mat in the given location.

The battery operated Shock Mat emits a mild, harmless static pulse when your pet touches it.  Pets soon learn to stay clear of this area in your home.

It features 3 options:

Tone + Stimulation.

Tone without Stimulation.

Stimulation without Tone.

 Product features

Copper wire & PVC



40.5 x 76.5 cm  (Carpet Size wide / short)

50.5 x 121.5 cm (Couch Size - wide / long)

30.5 x 152.5 cm (Counter Top - narrow / long)

Note: The mats can be used any location indoors, but there are different sizes to suite various surfaces.